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“The Dérive” is made as part of a multi-media project by Iranian dance artist Tanin Torabi. Tanin brings her multi-award winning dance film “The Dérive” which has been shot in Tehran, Iran to her live performance in an interactive environment with the audience. Tanin questions identity, culture and place.

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The Dérive is a multi-media project which embraces live performance and film. In her performance, Tanin invites the audience to travel with her to an honest image of her own country, come back home again and face the reality of the moment, exploring social and cultural issues. What happens that we feel we belong to a place and a culture? How does society influence us? If it is more than one culture that we are influenced by, how do we manage to find our very own identity? The camera follows her in an old bazaar and a mosque in Tehran, capturing the reactions of common people to a dancing body in Iran where self-expression with dance is concerned inappropriate which brings so many layers and questions with itself. Culture, identity and place…
In The Dérive, Tanin acknowledges the very important role of the society in people’s lives, but she also tries to talk about individuals. The influence of individuals in a society and how they can make changes around them, as she does in the film, and hopefully with carrying her story and her live performance in new places.

Film and Live performance

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  • Tanin 17/04/18 00:13
    AWARDS won to date: WINNER Best Artist Film ِAward, Southampton Film Festival, UK- 2017 WINNER Light Moves Outstanding National/International Student Award, 2017- Ireland WINNER 9Film Festival Best Short Film Award, 2017-Thailand Official selection to date: Cannes Art Film Festival, Cannes, France- 2018 The Fine Arts Film Festival, Venice, Italy- 2018 Screendance Festival, Stockholm, Swedan-2018 LOIKKA Screendance festival, Helsinki- 2018 CASDACIA Dance and Cinema Festival, Vancouver, Canada-2018 305 & HAVANA INTERNATIONAL IMPROV FEST, US, 2018 Light Moves Screendance Festival, Limerick, Ireland- 2017 Berlin Experimental Film Festival, Berlin, Germany-2017 The Outlet Dance Festival, New Jeresy, US-2017 Evolution International Film Festival, Mallorca, Spain-2017 Southampton Film Week Festival, Southampton, UK-2017 8th ATHENS VIDEO DANCE PROJECT, Athens, Greece-2018 Thunderdance Film Festival, Dalston, London- 2017 LES IRRÉCUPÉRABLES, Paris- 2017 Wollongong Film Festival, Australia-2017 KG Film Festival, Serbia- 2017 Solidando Film Festival, Cagliari, Italy- 2017 Multipler Dance Film Festival, Norway-2018 Minimalen Dance Film Festival, Norway-2018 9FilmFest, Bangkok, Thailand-2018 The Austrian Independent Film festival, Austria-2018 Excuse my French, Paris, France-2018 Eye Myth Film Festival, Canada, Toronto, 2018 Glasgow Film Festival, Glasgow, Scotland, 2018 Jacksonville Dance Film Festival, Jacksonville, U.S, 2018 [C]screen Film Festival, Spain, 2018 RAW film festival, Los Angles, USA, 2018 Door Kinetic Arts Festival, Wisconsin, USA-2018 Lights Dance Festival, Canada- 2018 CASCADIA Dance & Cinema Festival, Vancouver, Canada- 2018

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