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A solo dance fight inspired by female “superheroes“ LA(ra) Croft and (Na)DIA Comaneci explores the fine line between the allowed and the forbidden, the physically possible and anatomically impossible, the socially expected yet internally unwanted. Ladia - a strong female athlete, a modern heroine rehearsing for her match - is striving for perfection. Stuck alone in her training, with no one to see the hard work behind the glory, Ladia is a woman who dedicates all her effort to win the game, where the only game is to win over herself.

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LADIA is a dance solo inspired by female "superheroes" Lara Croft and Nadia Comaneci. They are both strong women who not only fight and work hard but are also expected to always look perfect. They have to constantly overcome themselves and hide the scars of the fight. The work addresses risky borderlines between freedom and confinement, presence and presentation, accomplishment and failure, exhaustion and revival. LADIA portrays constant struggle of contemporary women to succeed and prove themselves worthy while being left wounded and alone in their quest for freedom. Ultimately, LADIA aims to empower women to break free from a male’s perspective of feminity.
Dance, choreography: Sandra Kramerová
Music: Jon Lloyd
Duration: 10 mins

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