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‘’Manbuhsa’’ was created by imagining two kids playing in an asian rice field.
Fueled by my fascination for foreign civilizations and inspired by the music’s rhythms, a relation is built between the dancers. Through movements, one invites the other to discover his natural instinct and vibrations that will guide them in their journey.
Full of innocence and playfulness, they don’t understand yet the emotions and sensations that they are feeling.

The first Image that came to my mind was an urban exodus. I pictured a city train packed with people who are leaving the city to go back to where they are from. I explore the feeling of insecurity and being caged from the negativity of the urbanisation. From this struggle, I develop a sensation of trust that leads to an educational relation, a self-reflection or discovery. As fear and skepticism slowly gets out of the way, a path of freedom, excitement and desire is opening for exploration.

The second image that I researched was an animal courtship. Specially the one’s of birds.
Observing the behavior of animals in their seductive parades allowed me to associate with my piece in many different layers. While the physicality of ‘’Manbuhsa’’ can reminds us of cranes with the bodies reacting to each other’s impulses. The agitation and precision can make us think of the peacock spider.
‘’Manbuhsa’’, is in a way a study and translation of those peculiar animal dances into the human body.
Duration : 10 Minutes

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Choreography : Pablo Girolami
Dancers : Giacomo Todeschi, Pablo Girolami
Music : Ugate Sooraj - Jota Karloza / Hey Furtila (Hey Perky)- Miss Clo
Costumes : Caterina Politi



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  • Griff 02/04/19 14:02
    Im trying to "Like/MeGusta" this pas de deux but there is no button to do so!!!

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