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Nor I is a solo work based on the use of stillness and repetition in Samuel Beckett’s work. Investigating the impact of repetitions on the human body and its traces in stillness, each movement builds upon the next, yet remains caught in an almost claustrophobic state. Reminiscent of a character in Beckett's texts, it leaves the performer lingering between cosmic calm and cosmic chaos, almost as if caught in her own head, repeatedly finding herself repeating stillness, repeatedly repeating.
Repetitions, explicit details, stillness, an interest in making and making and making again. And again. And again. A focus on the tiniest details- with a deeper intent than filmic precision. A constant focus on doing, redoing and doing again- something that may create a sense of cosmic calm-or cosmic chaos. Samuel Beckett, precision in repetition, detail and stillness. How do this repetition, stillness and detail affect the human body whilst moving? Or the remains in stillness? If stillness can be or if it is filled- filled with repetitions of stillness- is it still? Or repetitive? Or both? Is repetitive always moving?
Commissioned by and premiered at What remains...Anatomy of an artist at Siobhan Davies Dance and Independent Dance, London; UK.

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