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The work we hope to create is one that is very much about the human experience. This work touches upon the many layers of how we co-exist collectively and how we manage and balance that. We aim to touch on various nuances using elements of support, friction, highs and lows and how we nurture each other through tense times. One thing we have in common is we are all on individual journeys that to some extent depend on the involvement of people outside of ourselves. This challenges the notion of control, how much of it do we have? And how much of it is dependant on other entities? Can we ever grasp it in its entirety? Or is there a need to submit to default and accept when control has slipped beyond our fingertips.

Relationships are very much a part of our existence. We build them, strengthen them and sometimes they weaken and break, other times they grow and prevail. How do we maintain the balance of independence yet recognise the need for co-dependency as a vital part of our experience?

To bring this concept to life we aim to use a variety of performance disciplines to be able to clearly communicate our ideas. This will add substance and clarity to the themes we are exploring keeping them aloof enough that interpretation becomes a vital part of how one receives it when watching. We would like to incorporate contact partnering, this is stylistically very much a pillar and foundation to the nature of work we create. We are hoping to highlight how much we are able to communicate through the interaction rooted in our movement that is ever changing yet always maintaining a strong continuity.

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