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FULL LENGTH VIDEO https://vimeo.com/209301695/461d1a8512

Dancer Kyle White
Length 14 mintues

The piece without founding is a solo dance piece born from a strong will to choreograph despite the lack of means.

The piece sees a dancer exposed and vulnerable in front of the audience, having the hard task to satisfy the natural audience expectation to be entertained.

Without having access to funding, the performer cannot use the help of any extra elements: lighting, music, costumes, props, video projections…
With the intention to anyway deliver a performance he will count on himself: his body, his voice, his will to create and his love for dancing.
Himself as a mere human being.

The piece wants to inquiry the very close connection between art and money.
The artist is a special figure that has always been seen as somebody with a special talent that, if good enough, will manage to succeed and reach his goals to create art no matter the financial situation.
A myth.

The piece without funding wants to raise questions such as:
how important are the elements of costumes, lighting, and music for the art of choreography?
Can the art of choreography exist if you cannot have access to the other elements?
What is then choreography?

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The piece without funding

The piece without funding

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