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FULL LENGHT VIDEO https://vimeo.com/170773599/67927ac174

Dancer Jernej Bizjak
Lenght 14 minutes

Solo for Real is a journey into a man’s mind and his desperate attempt to find a moment of peace while in his head chaos has exploded.

Traumatic life experiences, sometimes not even recognized as such, could stay in our minds in form of memories that with time can evolve and lead to psychotic disorders.

To create the piece and to define the personality of the main character of Solo for Real I have been researching on the subject of mental illness.

The following information has been my base and my motivation for the creation of the piece.

There are many conditions recognized as mental illness: anxiety disorders, mood disorders, psychotic disorders, eating disorders, addiction disorders, personality disorders, post traumatic stress disorders.
Some of these conditions can affect also healthy individuals for a certain period of time. In fact nearly 50% of adults experience a mental illness at some point in their lives, but only 20% of them gets to receive professional medical help.
Other times symptoms can manifest to healthy individuals without necessary lead to the mental illness. For example it is estimated that about 25% of the population hear voices that others are not able to hear (auditory hallucinations).

For an individual in our modern society is very difficult to admit any of these conditions.
Although in the past 40 years decisive steps forward have been made, those suffering from certain conditions are still labelled as less functional individuals and may be blamed for their illness or viewed as lazy or irresponsible. Mental illness may be seen as less real or less legitimate than physical illness.

All this can leave the individual in a condition of absolute loneliness.

Solo for Real wants to capture this loneliness and the individual effort to push those images and voices in his head away, while to try to relax becomes almost an obsession.

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Solo for Real

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