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‘Besame Mucho' is undoubtedly a duet about love and relationship between two people in its most simple and recognizable form.

A universal concept, maybe artistically devalued in modern days, but which continues to be the motion of almost everyone’s life.

Two people meet. They see each other. They attract each other. They come together in a lip-to-lip contact, ubiquitously recognized as kiss.

Here the piece divides for me personally in two different elements:

PHYSICAL ELEMENT. One challenge developed in this project was to keep the dancers in constant contact between their lips.
This condition creates a strong limitation to movement possibilities. The field of vision is drastically reduced. A broad and glossy view of space is fundamental for a dancer’s balance, to fulfill the full management of movements and even more crucial for the management of partnering work.

The mere act of walking whilst holding the lip-to-lip contact with another person requires constant balance shifts, perfect coordination and sensitivity between the two dancers, to be able to perform on stage with limitations to their vision.

SYMBOLIC ELEMENT. The kiss is an image that universally is an expression of a feeling, and in almost every case is a positive statement.
The kiss between two people has always been the subject of works, poems, portraits and sculptures; it is the most represented and representative image of love, much more than the sexual act itself.

Through the development of the piece the act of kissing will lose its uttermost poetic meaning.
What initially appears as a kiss and will bring with it its most romantic connotation, will be transformed into a mere physical limitation and an obstacle to overcome. Almost a prison.

Starting with harmonious movements, symbolizing the meeting of two people and falling in love, the piece will pass gradually to a phase of suffocation and frustration brought by the restriction and the presence of the other person so close to become nagging.

The piece is today in a work in progress. It is at the moment 12 minutes long and (differently from the teaser that you are able to see here) it is performed by 2 male dancers.
The Swedish composer Per-Henrik Mäenpää, in my opinion composer of extraordinary skills, is at the moment composing the music of the final version of the duet, which will be ready by April the 20th.
You can follow his work here:

As a work in progress I do not have yet pictures of the piece, therefore I have used as cover image of this project a picture of a previous work.

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Besame Mucho

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