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« I tried. I really tried. I resisted, I fought against myself, as hard as I could. I did a lot of unnecessary movements in order to restore my balance, in vain as it seems.
My ankle couldn't hold it. It treacherously twisted on its left side, rushing my face towards the ground. To avoid a disaster, I put my hands forwards, skinning them as I landed abruptly on the asphalt.
But once on the ground, it didn't stop at all. My knee went over my head, then my back seemed to be willing to follow and literally bent in two, so hard it frightened me a bit. Then it unbent as a gigantic spiral spring. It was very painful but absolutely magnificent. I decided to make a piece about it.
To tell you how I tried not to fall »

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Performed in almost complete darkness, I tried not to fall is a short solo that questions our relationship to failure. Would you rather be in the light or hide in the shadow ? Stand tall or crawl on the ground ?
Hesitating between making herself visible or invisible, the dancer shows here the dilemma one has to face when willing to go on stage. How much do we desire to be looked at ? How much do we want to show off, give it all, show the best we can do ?
What if we fail, what if we fall ?
Through the eye of the performer, I tried not to fall wonders what it means to be ambitious. What happens when we try to climb to the top ? The higher we try to fly, the lowest the earth gets, and coming back on it could happen with a bump…. But let’s try it anyways : after all, isn’t every step we take forward a risk for us to fall ?


Pictures by Stephane Schmutz


Complete video of the project

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