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A multidisciplinary performance of sound, movement, installation and philosophical questions, Created & Performed By (me) Eden Wiseman & Alma Livne and Co-creator and composer Ori Dvir. Developed in La MaMa Umbria International 2016. Running time: 15 - short version, or 30 min long version

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When silencing us and frighten us, God forbid when we do not go with the flow - it is very dangerous?! When lowering us down and creating a sense that what we do is worthless, meaningless and not relevant. There is no material reward, what we do is almost impossible. We have the body, the movement, we have colors and images. We must speak clearly, without filters, without hiding.
As an artist, as a woman, as a creature, I fee trap, I feel like I am in a never-ending loop, everything repeats itself, it is inevitable This is followed by the fascinating moment that I focus on in this project – the moment of breach and escape, in which only extreme actions can enable us to escape from the chains of despair, helplessness and distress that bind us.
The main question is how this recurrence transpires? Is it external to us or situated deep within our internal consciousness? How do we perceive it and how and when can the cycle be broken, if at all?
All this will be checked on the stage...

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