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Boundaries are the base to communication, but at the same time seperate the subject from the outer world. This inevitable situation creates tension, which translates into 'Intimate grammar'- one's private way of dealing with the gap between the inner and the outer world, that is both unique, and shaped by outer input.
The solo is a glance into my 'Intimate grammar'. I present it as an offering to my surroundings, a declaration of intent.

The piece was developed with the support of Sahar Azimi, in 'Feedback' program for creators. It performed at the 'Jerusalem festival of the performing arts' 2018, and id invited to perform at 'Highways performance center' LA California.

Dana is an Israeli artist, working in TLV and Jerusalem, where she collaborates with numerous choreographers and dancers.
Graduate of the Jerusalem academy for dance and music, in honors, and the 'Art accelarator' program by MASH (Machol Shalem dance house). Her pieces showed in various festivals in Israel and abroad, such as 'Between heaven and earth' (Premiere of 'Lattice' 2017); 'Factory 3' (Haifa, 2017); and 'Highs and lows' at 4bid gallery (Amsterdam 2017).

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Photo credit: Natasha Shakhnes
Original music: Alexy Poliansky
Artistic guidance: Sahar Azimi and Shlomi Bitton.

Pic taken at the performance at the Karnak hall, MASH, March 2018.


from shows and studio work

Full piece from the perforamance at the Karnaf hall, MASH Jerusalem, and a teaser from a show in 'Kelim' center, Bat-Yam Israel.

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