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A dialogue among different voices:
a director, a philosopher of language, two dancers.
From the script by philosopher Sara Fortuna, inspired by Dogville from Lars von Trier, we will explore through dance a circular conceptual space organized in several steps: sleep/pre birth/origin, child openess to the adult world in its tensions, contradictions, competitions, failures and eventual coming back to the starting point (sleep/pre birth but also death).

We refer for instance to the tension between extroversion and introversion, sadism and masochism, to perception ambiguity and aspect change, contradictions, tautologies in bodily expression- notions explored via psychoanalytical (Jung, Freund, Lacan), psycological (Gibson), semiotical (Peirce) and philosophical (Kant, Wittgenstein) reflections.

BY Connecting Fingers Company
Writer/Author: Sara Fortuna
Director/Choreography: Daniela Lucato
Dancers/ Choreography: Nicola Campanelli, Roberta Ricci
Music: David Travers

  • Por Connecting Fingers
  • Etiquetas: contemporary dance, dance, music, philosophy, theatre

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