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In my latest works I depict scenes of everyday life. The style, again inspired by a photograph I took while visiting Zurich in Switzerland. At the Zurich main station, scores of people were coming from and going to work. The motion blur of the moving people as well as my walking motion while taking the photograph created an interesting image that was the first painting in a style of work that progressed till today.
Each inspired work is simplified and the contours come together to reveal a more realistic look when viewed from a distance.

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Rush Hour

Oil on Canvas, 100 x 30 cm. This was the first painting done from the photograph taken in Zurich Main Station, and the beginning of the new style.

Other works

The development of the style since 2004.

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  • Carmen 15/08/14 12:58
    Sugerentes imágenes con un colorido luminoso. Me gustan. Carmen

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